Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Inspiration #150- A Small DIY Backyard Wedding

I love it when brides request boards for two different color palettes that they are deciding between!  The bride who requested these boards is having a small backyard wedding that she plans on having a romantic and artsy feel with DIY details.  The two color sets she was deciding between were a more vintage pastel yellow, green and robin's egg palette or an artsy lemon, cherry red and turquoise combination.  I truly love both of these boards and the fun elements they contain, I would have a hard time picking between the two!


  1. Both are fantastic combinations! I think I'm more drawn to the first, but you really can't go wrong either way. I'd be curious to hear what the bride chooses!

  2. I really love both of theses!
    I like elements from both of them, but going on colour scheme alone, I think I'm a slightly bigger fan of the first one. I've definitely been thinking about doing wildflowers + coloured vases for centerpieces, so it's funny you used a photo of that ...

    Thanks so much for making me two.