Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Engagement Inspiration #8- Get Baking!

How adorable are these two? See the rest of their engagement shoot on Dana & Jeremy's blog!

Inspiration #53- Spanish Style Red and Gold

Another requested board! This bride is having a Spanish themed wedding with a gold and red color scheme. I love the bride with the fan and the ruffly bridesmaids dress. Of course I had to include traditional Spanish mantilla veil as well.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Inspiration #52- Mismatched Blue & Green

I adore mismatched bridesmaids! The bride who requested this board wants to do a green and blue color scheme with mismatched bridesmaids and different bouquets for each. I showed a few different ideas for mismatched bridesmaids to give some options.

dancing shoes, favor boxes and blue bridesmaid with green bouquets from here
boutonniere found here
colorful mismatched bridesmaids found here
bouquet found here
placecards found here
blue mismatched bridesmaids found here
blue and green bridesmaids and flower girl found here
bottle found here

Bouquet Love #2!

Sloan Photographers (click to see the rest of the wedding)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun, Affordable DIY Centerpieces

Some people are so crafty!  I would never imagine making a centerpiece out of egg cartons and vintage buttons.  After seeing it done though, I'm in love!  Now I would love to make these for my own wedding. These centerpieces are affordable, customizable (you can make the colors any shade of the rainbow to match your color scheme perfectly!) and you're recycling on top of it!  See more pictures and the tutorial at Intimate Weddings (the link will take you directly to the tutorial).

Please Vote!!

Kelley at My Island Wedding held an inspiration board contest for fellow bloggers and now it's time to vote!  So I'd like to ask all of my lovely readers to please stop by her blog and vote for my entries.  They are: #10- A Few of Our Favorite Things Picnic, #11- Popp(y)ed Pink (both can be seen here) and #17- Nautical (which you can see here).

Thanks girls!  Hope your weekend is wonderful!  I have some awesome posts for you this week including pictures from my sisters fitting and the cutest birdcage veil that I found (which may be my first wedding purchase).

Friday, June 26, 2009

Inspiration #51- Perfectly Peachy

I'm going to Virginia this weekend to visit my sister and go to her dress fitting, so I won't be around tomorrow.  That's why I'm posting everything tonight :]

This board was inspired by this amazing photo of a basket of peaches by Simply Bloom.  It has a slight southern feel, with lots of juicy peach details.

Favorite Photo Friday #8- Rain, rain, go away....

It feels like it has rained here every day for the past month (which is mostly true). But you might as well be cute in the rain I guess!  This is definitely a good example of making the rain work for you :]

photo found at amorology, click to see the rest of the wedding

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inspiration #50- Tea Party in the Park

Wow, I can't believe that I've already made fifty inspiration boards! I am having so much fun writing this blog and making these boards (and hopefully inspiring some brides too). I feel like my board making skills are improving too!

On to the board...

I love tea parties! This board is full of bright colors and of course, a lot of tea elements. I'd like to think its vintage chic. What do you think?

Theme Thursday #8- Somewhere over the rainbow...

Can I just say how much I LOVE this idea? I can't take full credit for it though, its another request. The bride e-mailed me and said that she loved the Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" so much that she wanted that to be her wedding theme. This board has subtle hints of Wizard of Oz and rainbows without going overboard. I think this will be a lovely wedding and can't wait to see pictures! Details I'm loving: sparkly shoes for the flower girl (love the red sparkly chucks!), rainbow of different bouquets for the bridesmaids (this was the brides suggestion), I really like the vintage looking hot air balloon postcard (maybe for table numbers?), big rainbow lollipops (favors?). Have I mentioned that I LOVE this board?

opps... I forgot to include this image in my board (and it may be a little over the top.) I thought this might be another cute detail though-- a yellow aisle runner, because how do you get to Oz without the yellow brick road?

the knot

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wow me dresses...

These dresses are gorgeous and really unique.  Check out the rest of them on the Evoke Photography blog (one of them will be featured in tomorrows inspiration board too!)

Alternative Wednesdays #5- Flutterby!

Maybe you don't like fresh flowers? Or they are just plain too expensive? Or maybe you are just looking for something a bit unique? I really heart these butterfly "bouquets," quite lovely!

Inspiration #49- Elegant Summer Wedding

A new request board! This bride wants to have an elegant black and white wedding in the summer. To give the long black bridesmaids dresses a little more of a summery feel, she thought of incorporating bright pink flowers. I think that works wonderfully! She also wants to incorporate lace and pearls.

hairpiece found here on etsy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Inspiration #48- Damask Me!

Yay, I got my collage program working again! I love patterned elements in weddings. One of the most common and most elegant is damask. In this board I paired it with royal purple. What do you think?


Inspiration #47- I love the changing leaves...

(Fixed the board now that my collage program is working again :) This board was requested by the bride who I made the purple tulips board for, but its for one of her friends! She plans to do shades of fall colors.
Bouquet photo- Jen Curtis
mismatched bridesmaids and groomsmen shots-
Emily Photo

Friday, June 19, 2009

Inspiration #46- Not just for Christmas anymore...

When most people hear red and green, they automatically think Christmas. But I think red and green can work anytime of the year! Just change the green to more of a lime and keep the red vibrant. Check out what I've come up with (love the green chucks on this groom by the way!):

Favorite Photo Friday #7- Awesome Hair

I adore this brides fancied up ponytail. It's really unique and like nothing I've ever seen before on a bride! I love her headband too, so gorgeous! Photographed by Sarah K. Chen.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Theme Thursday #7- Nautical (another contest entry!)

This is my last entry for Kelley's inspiration board contest. If you haven't yet... you should go check out her blog, there are a bunch of great entries so far. This board is nautical theme, I was inspired by this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G wedding I spotted on Lucky Girl Photography's blog. It is seriously fan-freaking-tastic.

couple on boat, puppy, just married life preserver and table number found
herecake found herejust married sign found hereinvite found heretable setting found herebridesmaid dress found here

Inspiration #45- Red Winter Wonderland...

This request was for a red, black and silver winter-ish wedding. Audrey (the bride who requested this board from me) found out about my blog from Bridgett, who I made the "Labor Day Blues" board for. How fun! I really like this board, it was a lot of fun to make! My favorite detail is the subtle hint of winter that the snowflakes give to the cake.
snow boots photo by Sakura

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspiration #44- Drenched in Glitz

This board is full of diamonds and hot pink! I was inspired by a wedding I spotted on Just Chic Events. My favorite detail is the diamond encrusted bouquet. Check out this glitzy and glamorous board!

Bridesmaids, invitations

*I know that there are a few people still waiting for boards they requested, work has been hellishly busy lately so I'm using boards I've made previously. I'm working on your boards though, don't worry! They will be up in a few days.

Alternative Wednesdays #4- Sweater Vests!

I really like the idea of the groomsmen wearing sweater vests. Of course this idea is more appropriate for a more casual wedding, but I think its a fun and unique idea!
check out the rest of this lovely wedding at Kellan Studios

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Engagement Inspiration #6- Swing life away...

How about some swing set shots?

Inspiration #43- It's in the details...

This board was requested by Jenny over at WeddingFeet (if you are having a hard time finding shoes you like for your wedding check out her blog!) She is having a hard time deciding on colors. She's picked out blue for the bridesmaids and wants them to carry pale pink roses. For her bouquet she wasn't sure if she wanted black magic roses or burgundy callas- so I combined them! Jenny also wanted to incorporate bright colors but wasn't sure if they would fit in. My solution? Keep the bright colors to the cake and a few other small details (shoes, boutonnieres etc.)

aisle photo by Amy Squires

Monday, June 15, 2009

Contest boards!

Kelley over at My Island Wedding is having an inspiration board contest that she invited me to join, how exciting!  She's allowing everyone to enter up to three boards and I've come up with two so far.  Here they are!

The first one is a picnic wedding with a few of our favorite things!  I love the idea of playing games (like croquet or lawn bowling) at the reception.

 "A Few of Our Favorite Things Picnic Wedding"

The second board is a little more elegant but still a lot of fun. I based it off of the poppy and pink color scheme I spotted (and fell in love with) on Martha Steward weddings.  I really adore the pale pink wedding dress I used in this board.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bouquet Love!

photographed by Leigh Miller, see the rest of this awesome wedding here.

Inspiration #42- Fuchsia and Yellow Library Wedding

This board was created for a bride who e-mailed me and was a bit confused about colors.  She's getting married in a library and wasn't sure if the bright color palette that she loved would work in her venue (the library at Johns Hopkins University, such a unique venue!)  My solution was to keep the bright colors in the flowers and other details and dress the bridesmaids in chocolate brown.  Hope you love it!

edited to add:  Just got an e-mail from the bride to be...
"Oh my oh my!!!!! I LOVE it. I wasn't sure I could have both colors I
loved, and you made it come alive! I truly like the matches you have
created, most so the lemon fuschia flower bowl, the bursts of fuschia
here and there. Plus adding the chocolate brown to the fuschia for
bridesmaid dresses looks like it would work really well. I feel
honored you created this for me Carly. too. It's almost as having my
wedding featured in a magazine, that is, what my future wedding would
look like. Thank you so so so much. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday #6- Awesome Cake

I really love Josh + Kristiann's cake, its really different from anything I've seen before. The rest of their wedding was beautiful as well, see the rest of their pictures on StudioTran Photography's blog (click and scroll)

Just to let you all know, I'm going to be away in Baltimore for the weekend so I will respond to any e-mails late Sunday night/Monday. Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Inspiration #41- Barefoot Beach

Elizabeth from One Barefoot Bride requested a board for her barefoot beach wedding. The colors she wants to incorporate are (in her words) pomegranate, persimmon and cobalt. Here's what I came up with!

reception tables photographed by Love Life Images. Red bouquet photographed by Cory Parris.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inspiration #40- Labor Day Blues

One more request for today. This bride wants to use cobalt and ice blue for her Labor Day wedding. She's also going to have cupcakes instead of a traditional cake, I love wedding cupcakes!

Theme Thursday #6- New Year's Eve Renaissance with a Mythical Touch

Another request! The colors for this wedding will be shades of purple and silver with some black accents. To incorporate the renaissance element I found a medieval style dress and for the mythical touches I think it would be cute to have the flower girl be a flower "fairy." As for incorporating New Year's Eve, I think party hats, confetti and noise makers are a must!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inspiration #39- Country meets City

This bride wanted a board done in red and white with touches of royal blue. She also wants her wedding to reflect personalities (he's a country boy and she's a city girl.) I think an elegant dress, posh cocktails and butler passed candies bring that city feel. To add some country elements, I think taking pictures in front of a red barn and having berries on your cake can add a subtle touch of country.

red barn picture by Lucky Girl

Alternative Wednesdays #3- Video Save the Dates!

I think video Save the Dates are awesome! Plus you'll save a tree and some money on postage. They're another great way to show your personalities and tell your "love story" to guests who might be a little out of the loop. Check out these ones I found on YouTube. (Click the links under the screenshots to view the full video!)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009