Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Funday #6: Blue Suede Shoes!

Well, this was going to be my entry into My Island Weddings inspiration board contest but then I got super busy and never got to post it! But, here it is now! I did a Graceland themed board, using blue (for Blue Suede shoes) and bubble gum pink (for Elvis's pink Cadillac). I also went for a Priscilla inspired dress, and peanut butter and banana finger sandwiches! What do you think?

Inspiration #133- New Zealand Picnic!

Sorry I have been MIA! Work has been hectic but I'm going to try to get back into posting. I've been working on requests and this is my most recent. This bride asked for a board with a garden picnic, hippy feel to it. They want to use dried lavender (lavender lemonade, yum!), baby's breath and maybe some roses from the market as flowers. I like the idea of the bridesmaids wearing a fun sundress (like the one in this board which is from Urban Outfitters!). They are also going to have a homemade sweets table, a Mexican food truck and use vintage china. The bride mentioned that she loved ribbon and lace so I thought a ribbon board would be awesome for the place cards. As for the hippy/vintage feel, I think an old record player would be a great detail! One other fun detail on this board, hanging vintage picture frames from a tree for take fun photos!