Thursday, March 31, 2011

Theme Thursday 34: Let's Go Camping!

I came up with this board while I was working on Alternative Wednesday this week.  I found a cute camping wedding with the bridesmaids in separates so I created a board around their looks!  I think camping/campground weddings are so casually fun and adore the wildflower bouquet in this board.  I'm starting to think wildflowers are the perfect touch to any casual outdoor wedding!

Inspiration 207: Hot Pink & Bold Purple Summer Wedding

Loving this bright, beautiful color palette requested by a bride who is getting married in June!  Hot pink and bold purple are great together, and she wants to add a pop of turquoise/aqua which fits in just perfectly. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alternative Wednesday #19: Skirts for Bridesmaids!

If you want to give your  bridesmaids a modern look that they can wear again (and probably again and again and again...)-- dress them in stylish skirts!  It is also an affordable option with endless choices as far as colors, patterns and styles.  You can create a fun and flirty look, a classy look or a preppy look... the sky's the limit!

Inspiration 206: Bohemian Like You

Sorry, I just had to make the title that... I love that song!  Anyway, this board has a bit of a bohemian feel to it.  I incorporated feathers and a monochromatic pink palette to create this look, and I think it's lovely.  I drew the color palette from the awesome ombre (means shaded in French) cake and added a cranberry pink to the flowers to really make a statement.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Inspiration 205: Bold Blue and Gray Wedding

I just realized that I've done a lot of gray and yellow and gray and pink boards but I haven't done any, or at least only very few, boards that paired blue and gray.  So I decided one definitely needed to happen!  For this board I combined bold cobalt blue with a slate gray and a few hints of apple green.

Real Wedding: Amrit & Daniel's Indian Wedding

I love how vibrantly colorful Indian weddings are!  In fact, most ethnic weddings are so bright and fun.  There are a lot of great images to share from this wedding submitted by Katje Hempel Photography, I am especially fond of the henna shots.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Funday 17: Modern Day Fairytale

Everyone hopes their wedding will be like a fairytale!  I thought I'd play off that idea to come up with a romantic and modern fairytale inspired board.  My favorite fairytale when I was little was Cinderella so for the bridal gown I went with a pale blue tulle dress for the bride.  I love the idea of an outdoor reception under beautiful chandeliers that add a classy whimsical touch.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Real Wedding: Amy & Jordan's Colorful October Wedding

Today I have a lovely wedding to share with you from Jason + Gina Photography.  The bride incorporated pale yellow bridesmaid's dresses with bright and colorful bouquets.  I love the groom's unique boutonniere too!  I think this wedding is an excellent example to draw inspiration from if you want something different then the usual fall color scheme.

Inspiration 204: Spring Blush

Another board inspired by a bouquet!  I am seriously so madly in love with the bouquet featured in this board.  From the bouquet I pulled the blush, light sage and gray color palette.  I can see this board come to life as a simple, classic spring wedding.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Inspiration 203: Pomegranate and Plum Rustic Wedding

Continuing with the rustic theme for today I have a sweet board to share with you.  It was inspired by this very rustic shoot on Glamour and Grace.  Pomegranate red really plays nicely with a pretty plum purple and craft paper with a bit of chocolate brown thrown in. 

Inspiration Shoot: Rustic Glamour Hot Pink Winter Wedding

I love that photographers are now doing "inspiration shoots" which are essentially staged wedding or fashion shoots to help inspire brides and bloggers who are aiming to inspire brides!  And this one is truly A-MAZING.  The bright pink orchards and dress details really pop in the snow showing that bright colors can definitely work in a winter wedding.  Also, they incorporated a ton of really fun details like the "to go" cafe mocha mugs and the balls or blush roses that resemble giant snow balls. Check out the awesome pictures Kiss the Girl Photography sent over:

and one last, simply stunning image:
all images photographed by:  Kiss the Girl Photography submitted via Two Bright Lights
floral designer:  The Little Flower Shop
makeup artist: Kelly Hastman

Friday, March 25, 2011

Inspiration 202: Spunky Cobalt and Coral

I am really liking bright colors and the way they make softer colors pop.  Cobalt blue is a great shade that can work for any season depending what you pair it with.  For this board I added coral, this palette would work for spring, summer and early fall.
ps- Coral peonies are just so swoon worthy!

Favorite Photo Friday 27: Lovers Lane

Engagement Inspiration: Meagan & Jared's Stylish and Fun Engagement Shoot

I love this couple's outfit choices!  Meagan has two very stylish looks going on (Jared's mom made the yellow dress!) and Jared is just as well dressed.  This shoot really shows how all you need is an open field and a fun couple to come out with some amazing pictures.  Check out some of my favorite shots submitted by Tegyn Friedman Photography:
photographer:  Tegyn Friedman Photography submitted via Two Bright Lights