Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Inspiration #134- Rocky Mountain Inspired

I'm back again! I really hope to not go MIA this time, I have a lot of free time lately and would love to get back into blogging. Also, Kym from Becoming the Mrs. and DIY Weddings Magazine asked me to be a guest blogger for both sites every Thursday, which is really exciting! Both of her sites are really awesome so you should check them out if you get a chance. I will be posting the two boards I make for her here, every Friday, just to keep track of what I've made and in case you forget to check out her sites!

In other news, I received some requests that I never got to and I would like to apologize if you asked for a board and never had one made. If you are still interested in having one made then please request again and I promise to make you my top priority!

Anyway, on to the board! I received a request from Jessica who wants her wedding to be Rocky Mountain themed. Her color scheme is stone gray, emerald, teal, and magenta. I think it would be nice to keep the ceremony colors mostly the stone gray, emerald and teal with just a surprise pop of magenta as Jessica's bouquet. Then for a fun reception incorporate a lot of the magenta with emerald and teal accents. I like the idea of the bridesmaids carrying white bouquets (tied with stone gray ribbon) and possibly having mismatched emerald and teal dresses. Also, to incorporate the Rocky Mountain theme have stone gray river rocks as the seating cards! Here is the board, hope you like it Jessica, and everyone else too!

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