Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Inspiration #54- Sentimental Soiree

I love the bridesmaids dresses (it's called 'Slice of Lime' from Anthropologie) this bride chose, I want to buy it for myself! The dress has a hot pink liner too, which she wants to incorporate into the flowers. Yet another element she wanted to incorporate was a few sentimental touches. I love the idea of showing family wedding pictures (the bride's idea), a bouquet charm and handwriting the seating chart on a black board. Another idea is to include sentimental places on the map you use for directions to the wedding. To incorporate the lime from the bridesmaids dresses into the reception I would use cut limes in the centerpieces. One more thing she wants to include is a baseball themed favor since her fiance is a baseball coach. I like the idea of handing out bags of peanuts and cracker jacks (like in the song 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame").


  1. i love it carly! my favorites are the wedding map, the centerpiece, and the favors. thank you so much! i promise to share photos, but you'll have to be patient. the wedding is next june. thanks again :)