Monday, April 04, 2011

Monday Funday 18: Vintage Gypsy Style

Fun board requests always excite me!!  The bride who requested this board wants to create a 1930s gypsy/carnival feel with an jewel-tone eggplant and dark teal color palette.  She also hoped to incorporate stars and tarot cards (used here as the escort cards).  There are a ton of great elements in this board, but I love the veil the most!  It definitely portrays that vintage gypsy feel.  The hanging umbrellas are just amazing too, and the use of vintage suitcases is the perfect touch.


  1. hi thanks for sharing this


  2. Love this vintage inspiration! Great pictures & Happy Monday!

  3. This is beautiful! Now, to try to make my wedding half as amazing as this board....;) Thank you so much!!!