Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspiration 239: Persian Plum

This board was requested by a bride who was a little lost on how to tie her color scheme together.  She is having two adult bridesmaids who are wearing black dresses and a teen bridesmaid who is wearing a Persian Plum colored dress, which she originally thought would be darker to tie in with her vintage-ish gold and ivory wedding gown.  The groomsmen and groom will be wearing gray suits and she is unsure how the bright plum will fit.  I say, embrace the Persian Plum and incorporate it into different elements of your big day to really pull your color scheme together.  I think the top middle bouquet would be great for the bride to pull in both the black and Persian Plum.  I'd also give the boys a Persian Plum boutonniere but keep the rest of their look neutral and incorporate gray, black and Persian Plum into the paper elements.  Hope this helps!

1 comment:

  1. I love this its exactly what I want and I think it'll work so well! I just needed to someone to pull it all together as individually I know I love the colours and the styles and now I can see them altogether it really does work Thank you!