Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Inspiration #121- Cold Hands, Warm Heart

This board was inspired by the cute snowmen picture in the bottom left corner found on I Heart Love. It's really fun to find inspiring images that aren't directly related to weddings and make a board around them! I went with a snow white, dusty pink, champagne and gold color scheme for this board and I think it turned out great! I'd love to hear your thoughts/comments/feedback :]


  1. i love this so much... i just "scheduled it" for tomorrow a.m. linked back to one of my favorite board makers!!!

    inspiring brides! (where were you when i was getting married?) ok.. it was back in 2001...

    anyway. thanks for this one. you made my day, and how!

  2. aw, you are so sweet! You made my morning :]

  3. Love this board. So dreamy. And I adore those tiny snowmen too.

    P.s. Thanks for the comment on my blog. That ruby slipper room sounds INSANELY awesome. Tell me you bought a pair of shoes?

  4. LOVE it! Those are exactly my colors!! LOVE the beads on the upper right. I'm a little more champagne and less pink, but WOW! Hope you don't mind I just saved it into a picture folder to show my MOH. Awesome.